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Dedicated to taking the confusion out of "Safeguarding Your Computer".  

These pages will help you install the Windows Operating System using a "Clean Installation".


You can also just simply use these suggestions to better secure your present Windows operating system for internet usage.


After the operating system has been installed the personal preference of the following may be changed to each persons liking...but the suggestions listed are a great foundation for a more secured operating system. 


Learn how to: make a "Clean Installation" of an operating system, set-up Windows default programs for added computer security.  Which third party programs we can suggest to help safeguard your computer.

More importantly which additional Windows programs that don't come with the operating systems disk we can suggest are useful.


For those who are confident in their computer usage we also have a few registry edits to make your computer more personal as well as faster.


Feel free to check back as we have a list of computer shortcuts we feel are worthy to pass along.  We also would like your feedback about your favorite shortcuts and quite possibly will make our listing here. 


CAUTION:  Some of the following  settings may be to advanced for novice computer users.  Questions should be directed to:

Secured PC Computer Systems in Vista, CA. specializes in the Windows Operating System, setting up Control Panel Applets for security, and recommending a few free software programs to make your system run more efficiently.


We sit alongside the customer explaining any changes with their approval as we proceed with their computer Tune Up.


We explain how to maintain your computer to keep it running more efficiently.


We maintain the Windows Registry for removal of traces uninstalling a program didn't remove.


We are an expert at Virus Removal from the registry when possible.


We teach Android / Mac usage as well.


We Stand Behind Our Work...If we can't fix it we won't charge the customer !!!


We volunteer at the Vista and Carlsbad Senior Centers, both classes are completely free and there is no sign-up just simply show up.


Vista meetings: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesdays from 1:00 - 2:30


Carlsbad meetings: 2nd, 3rd and 4th Thursdays from 1:30 - 3:00



We consult for individuals and hold lectures to large groups...usually computer clubs in North San Diego County area.


For computer service contact us today !!!




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Secured PC Computer Systems can help! Call our tech support now:


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